The phenomenon of one human stalking another is not new, but the ways that we currently communicate and broadcast our lives have brought the topics of privacy, intimacy and culpability to a fever pitch.  Personal expression should not invite invasive attention.

Stopstalkingus.com is the seed of a movement that builds community for persons who have been or are being stalked in any way.

We aim to promote awareness about the alarming prevalence and seriousness of this crime.

Being the object of a stalker and living in fear eats away at the sense of self.  It can isolate a victim, leaving them to distrust even the people they love. It can to sycles of self-blame and shame.

This must change. 
This website is a place for conversations to begin.  

Revealing yourself can be empowering. Exploring your public image as a means of personal expression is profoundly fulfilling, but boundaries need to be set.

There are potent legal issues related to how our justice system defines the violence involved in stalking and as a result fails to protect victims. There are complex issues related to mental illness which can sometimes be at the root of stalking.

Stalking can happen to anyone regardless of race, culture, gender identity, age or sexual orientation. We want to give voice to all victims who are the object of unwanted attention and are forced to live with this insidious intrusion. 

Speak up. We are listening.