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Who We Are.

Stop Stalking Us is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating community for those impacted by stalking and its aftermath, changing society’s perception of this dangerous, violent, and often invisible crime, and making meaningful change at the legislative level. We know firsthand, through our team’s lived experience, that being stalked can be a severely isolating, destructive, and life-altering experience.


Our personal knowledge combined with that of intelligence and security experts, forensic psychologists, stalking experts, advocates, and researchers makes Stop Stalking Us a safe place for anyone who has been stalked, is being stalked, or knows someone who needs help.


We are the only nongovernmental organization in the United States that deals exclusively with stalking. We’re passionate about meeting this largely unmet and extremely important need. Our goal is to help victims and their families and friends access resources and find support, understanding, and safety. We are pioneering a caring and informed global community that allows people to connect with each other, share their stories, and feel heard.


By creating a strong community, we can begin to break the cycles of isolation, shame, self-blame, and fear. We are in the process of creating an interactive platform that will allow users to share information in a safe online forum with customized security-specific features.


Our aim is to promote stalking awareness and understanding, and we demand that society acknowledges stalking as a violent crime. We advocate for the unique support that stalking victims require and deserve, call for laws that better protect victims, and work to mitigate this form of violence. 


If you want to share your story with us, we are listening.

“Stalking is a deeply personal and invasive crime. Too often the actions of the stalker and the impact the person targeted experienced are misunderstood and [trivialized]. The harm caused by a stalker can change the life of the intended target and those close to that person. There doesn’t have to be violence for it be serious. 


Stop Stalking Us will help to change the narrative and hopefully the response and if it can change one person’s experience then it will be a success.”

-Philip Grindel, MSc

Founder & CEO of Defuse Global; Stalking Expert

"Stalking is difficult to define and there is no shared language for describing it. As such, victims often feel that no one understands what they are going through.

Stop Stalking Us is an important initiative that will provide victims with a powerful voice."

-Dr. Lorraine Sheridan

Forensic psychologist & Stalking Expert


What We Stand For.

Stop Stalking Us exists to provide the distinct and necessary support and resources to those impacted by the violent crime of stalking, while working to improve social perceptions and legal responses to this destructive act.

Meet (some of) Us.

We are a team of individuals and professionals who have used our experiences and expertise to guide the formation of Stop Stalking Us. We’ve each taken into consideration what - if anything - about us can be shared publicly, but it’s important to us that you know our nonprofit is made of a team of deeply invested individuals and professionals dedicated to mitigating the violence of stalking.

Advisory Board 

Anna Nasset

Stalking Survivor and Expert; Author of "Now I Speak: From Stalked to Standing Up"

Jeje Mohammed

PEN America's Senior Manager, Digital Safety & Free Expression


Lenora Claire

Stalking Survivor, Advocate, Activist, and Investigator 

Ryan Conway

Operations & Finance Specialist


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