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Every January for Stalking Awareness Month, Stop Stalking Us brings together panels of survivors, experts, and healers to provide additional information, resources, and support to our community. 

Previous Event Recordings

January 2024

Healing Practices for People Experiencing Trauma with Michelle C. Johnson
How Lawyers Work with Stalking Victims with Attorney Carrie Goldberg
How Private Investigators Work with Stalking Victims with Lenora Claire and Cletus Carlton, Special K Investigations
Telling Our Personal Stalking Stories Publicly with Anna Nasset, Dasia Sade, and Lily Baldwin

January 2023

Stalking by the Numbers: With Criminologist Dr. Patrick Brady
Survivors Speak: In Conversation with Lily Baldwin & Lenora Claire
Stalking and Harassment of Journalists & Public Figures
Healing from Trauma: An Overview of Different Therapeutic Methods with Eva Usadi, MA, BCD, CGP
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